1 Month Euribor

1 month | 2024-06-21
1 month3.6

The 1-Month Euribor, short for the European Interbank Offered Rate, is a widely used benchmark interest rate in the Eurozone. It represents the average interest rate at which a panel of European banks lends to one another for a duration of one month. The 1-Month Euribor is a key reference rate for various financial products, including loans, mortgages, and derivatives.

Financial institutions use the 1-Month Euribor as a basis for setting interest rates on loans and other financial instruments, making it an essential component of the Eurozone’s financial system. It is published daily by the European Money Markets Institute (EMMI) and plays a significant role in the pricing and valuation of financial assets in the Eurozone. The Euribor rates are influenced by various factors, including the European Central Bank’s monetary policy, market supply and demand dynamics, and economic conditions within the Eurozone.

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